Tomintoul 2011

Speyside is known for refined and fruity whiskies that may be easier to drink than other malts. Tomintoul is known as ‘the gentle dram’, even among its Speyside whisky neighbours. Smooth and delightful to drink, Tomintoul balances soft fruit flavours with a biscuity edge. Classically matured in ex-bourbon, sherry and port finished Tomintouls are also wonderful, though care ought to be taken that a strongly flavoured cask doesn’t overpower this gentle spirit.

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Cask Details

Age10 years
Distillation DateOctober 6, 2011
Cask TypeRefill Bourbon Hogshead
Re-gauge ABV60.10%
Re-gauge Litre of Alcohol (RLA)128.9 litres
New Bulk Litres214 litres
Re-gauge Date2021
Cask Number180

The Wood

This refill bourbon hogshead is a signature cask for maturing Tomintoul’s gentle spirit. There have been several examples of one off Tomintoul bourbon casks being bottled with enormous success: Most recently, to celebrate 30 years at the distillery, Robert Fleming hand selected an ex-bourbon cask similar to the one we have here, and bottled it in its sixteenth year of maturation in conjunction with Royal Mile whiskies, cask strength at 60.4%.

“The 16 year old has always been a favourite of mine.”

— Robert Fleming, Tomintoul Master Distiller (2020)

The Spirit

Tomintoul is situated in the stunningly scenic and prestigious Glenlivet estate, tucked away between the Cromdale hills, close to the village, its namesake. The surrounding ecosystems provide the perfect natural resources for whisky production and the water source for this distillery, the Ballentruan spring provides the cleanest Highland water for all of the whisky crafted at Tomintoul. Tomintoul’s tagline is ‘The Gentle Dram’ and single malt releases from Tomintoul still bear the prefix ‘Glenlivet’, a nod to its geography but also as a mark of quality, once used by over 30 distilleries across Scotland.

The Masters

History and craft are two words that spring to mind when considering Tomintoul in the last three decades and at the heart of that is Master Distillery Robert Fleming, who in 2020 celebrated 30 years at the distillery and a staggering 46 years in the whisky industry. This impressive legacy is one he shares with his forefathers, the Flemings have been making whisky in the Speyside region for four generations.

“I started at Tomintoul in April 1990 and before that I spent 16 and a half years at Glenlivet but it has flown past”

— Robert Fleming, Tomintoul Master Distiller (2020)

The Verdict

This cask is an excellent example of ‘The Gentle Dram’ and showcases the craft of the Tomintoul distillery, whose focus on single malt production under the watchful eye of Robert Fleming over the last three decades has seen the brand’s popularity increase significantly in this time. The recent focus on single malt releases means that there is little aged stock of Tomintoul and this cask offers a fantastic opportunity for continued maturation; even after 10 years the cask was filled, the re-gauge and bulk volume are extremely strong.


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