Testimonials from clients

“I read about whisky as an investment option, and I actually work in the alcohol industry so it seemed an interesting choice.”

Ken-Tarro Inder

“I like the idea of an entire barrel of the golden great stuff being purely mine! Patrick recommended this purchase to me, and I have complete trust in his judgement as a professional in the whisky business.”

James Highet, Tech Project Manager

“I enjoy a whisky now and again myself and it’s nice to tell people that I have a couple of casks of my own.”

Scott Williamson, Dentist

“I bought the cask with the mind set just in time to have it bottled for my father in law centennial celebration in 2019. The design work was a lot of fun!”

Julian Wong, Hong Kong-based Entrepreneur

Great quotes from media

“For those seeking a private, personalized source of their own special whisky (Cask 88 will store a buyer’s cask at no cost for two years and also provides bottling and bespoke labeling services), owning your own cask is a unique way to celebrate an upcoming birthday, anniversary or corporate milestone. And considering each cask will yield approximately 150 to 200 bottles, it may become the most spirited investment a whisky connoisseur can make.”

Richard Carleton Hacker

“A pretty unique opportunity […] the auction represents a new step in how the Internet is providing different ways to connect consumers and investors to whisky.”

Felipe Schrieberg, Forbes

“Let your fingers do the walking (or clicking) and bid on barrels from a throng of masterful distillers. The online auction marks an important step for the spirits industry. Until now, procuring a cask has been a little cumbersome.”

Rachel Cormack, Robb Report

“Forget expensive bottles, deep-pocketed whisky collectors are investing in entire casks. $2 millon bottles of Scotch are so last year.”

Jelisa Castrodale, Food & Wine

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