Kilchoman 2006

Don’t miss the remarkable opportunity to own a Islay cask that is aging remarkably well. This refill bourbon barrel has matured 12 years after being distilled in 2006. It contains approximately 220 bottles at cask strength 57.20% ABV.

This auction has ended.

Cask Details

Age12 years
Distillation DateSeptember 8, 2006
Cask TypeRefill Bourbon Barrel
Re-gauge ABV57.20%
Re-gauge Litre of Alcohol (RLA)88.27 litres
New Bulk Litres154.32 litres
Re-gauge DateDecember 12, 2016
Cask Number173/2006

Tasting Notes

Nose – Wood fuelled BBQ on the beach, grilled scallops with freshly sliced lemon, sea spray, coral embers

Palate – Sweet vanilla, sweet smoke, sticky BBQ sauce, glazed ham, demerara sugar

Nose with water – Sweeter smoke, heather, lemon, sea spray, damp wood fire

Palate with water – Sweet tobacco, vanilla, hint of lemon, smoke embers

For fans of Islay whisky, this one is a treat. Nose without water and you’ll be transported to a wood fuelled BBQ on the beach, where grilled scallops are browning over the fire with freshly sliced lemon. The sea spray brings saltiness and maritime quality and the scent of the embers is strong and fragrant, reminiscent of the sea. The palate offers sweet vanilla and sweet smoke, with meaty notes of sticky BBQ sauce and ham glazed with demerara sugar.

With water, the nose offers sweeter smoke, heather and lemon, which mingles with the scent of sea spray and damp wood fire. We’re still at the beach BBQ but the scene is a little misty… perhaps the Kilchoman was sipped with some gusto? The palate with water opens up the dram in a cloud of sweet tobacco, smoke embers, cut through with fresher notes of vanilla and lemon to round it off. We think this is delightful now, but a little longer maturation period could add further depth to an already excellent dram.

About The Distillery

Opened in 2005 on the rocky west coast of Islay, Kilchoman has quickly become an integrated part of the landscape, overlooking the Atlantic ocean with a clear view to the western horizon. It is surrounded by fields where Kilchoman’s own homegrown barley hunkers down against blasting winds and salty spray. The distillery has for the last 14 years been producing brash, full-bodied and proudly Islay malt, relying more and more on the local bounty of the island to do so. Locally grown barley makes up a large portion of the mash bill, and locally sourced peat lends a prehistoric character of shellfish and seaweed to the spirit. Maturing on the island, Kilchoman’s malt infuses itself further with the atmosphere rolling off the Atlantic, making this whisky unmistakably maritime to its core. Kilchoman will not allow the chain linking its whisky to its home to break: the maturing cask may not travel, and any bottling must take place on Islay.

Conditions stipulated by Kilchoman Distillery Co (at time of original sales): cask must remain stored in the Kilchoman warehouses until bottling. Bottling must be carried out by Kilchoman. Cask must be bottled in Kilchoman branding (bottle and label), stipulated by Kilchoman at the time of bottling, with limited allowance for personalisation. Cask owner will be charged for bottling and packaging.


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Auction Details

  • Bidding will end on July 18th at 11:00pm GMT
  • The highest bidder at conclusion of the auction will immediately be charged a £500 deposit by credit card; the remaining balance will be due within 72 hours of auction close by bank wire transfer.
  • Upon verification that all funds due have been received, ownership of the cask will be transferred to the buyer and the buyer will be sent a title certificate. As per Scottish regulations, the cask must remain in a government bonded warehouse until bottling.
  • No samples will be provided during the auction. At the conclusion of the auction a complimentary sample will be sent to the winning bidder.
  • If two bidders place a bid in the same amount, the first bid placed will be the winner.
  • Storage will be included for a period of 2 years from the conclusion of the auction. All other costs related to storage, removal from storage, insurance, transportation, bottling and duties/taxes will be the sole responsibility of the buyer.
  • A reserve price has been set for the auction. If the reserve price is not reached then the seller, in their sole discretion, can choose whether to accept the high bid or may offer a counter offer. All bids placed by buyers are binding, even when the reserve price has not been met, until the seller declines the highest bid.
  • A 10% buyers premium will be added to the highest prevailing bid. No buyers premium will be due if the reserve price is not met and the seller choses not to accept the high bid.