Fettercairn 2008

The current fully ex-bourbon matured range of official releases from the Fettercairn distillery consists of 12, 22, 28 year olds. As this cask is approaching its 13th birthday, and was sitting at a very healthy 55.6% ABV on its last regauge, there is a unique opportunity for the buyer of this cask to allow a few more years maturation and occupy the gap between the 12 and 22 year olds.

Auction estimate: £8,000 – £10,000

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Cask Details

Age12 years
Distillation DateOctober 21, 2008
Cask TypeRefill Barrel
Re-gauge ABV55.60%
Re-gauge Litre of Alcohol (RLA)83.00 litres
New Bulk Litres149.40 litres
Re-gauge DateMay 2021
Cask Number4555

The Wood

Each aspect of production at Fettercairn is geared towards creating a light spirit and whiskies that are bursting with tropical fruits. The selection of casks plays a vital role in this.

“Fettercairn is a premium whisky that sits between the Dalmore and Jura ranges.”
—Stewart Walker (2020)

Whyte & Mackay focus predominantly on initial ex-bourbon cask maturation across their ranges with some experimental cask finishes; their ownership of Jim Beam also means that these bourbon casks are of great quality.

The Spirit

The distillation process at Fettercairn distillery is perhaps one of the quirkiest, and definitely the most unique, in Scotland, as no other distillery uses this method.

As part of this one of a kind technique, the spirit inside the still is impacted by running cool water down the outside. A ring is positioned at the top of the neck of the still to deliver cool water, which runs down where the heart of the spirit cut is found, and collects in a trough that encircles the neck. This technique aids reflux, distributing the heavier unwanted alcohols back down the still into the tail to be used in future distillation, helping the spirit lean toward a lighter style.

In 2015 Fettercairn changed its fermentation time from 48 to 56 hours, meaning the spirit produced for this cask is no longer and will likely never be made here again.

The Masters

Fettercairn is managed by Stewart Walker, who was born and bred in the village, less than a mile from the distillery and has now served 30 years; to accompany this milestone he won Distillery Manager of the Year in 2021. He says that if the unique cooling system is turned off at the distillery,the impact on the spirit can be tasted in minutes!

“My desert island dram from the Fettercairn family is the 28 Years Old. It’s truly unique and a perfect balance between the fruity notes which are created in the still house, and the funky tropical fruit character that develops over 28 years of patient maturation in American White Oak Ex-Bourbon barrels.”
—Stewart Walker (2019)

The Verdict

In recent years owners Whyte & MacKay have focused their attention on this distillery, with the aspiration to propel Fettercairn to the same internationally recognised single malt status boasted by that of Dalmore and Jura via a complete rebrand.

The current fully ex-bourbon matured range consists of 12, 22, 28 year olds. As this cask is approaching its 13th birthday, and was sitting at a very healthy 55.6% ABV on its last regauge, there is a unique opportunity for the buyer of this cask to allow a few more years maturation and occupy the gap between the 12 and 22 year olds.

Tasting Notes

“On the nose: distilled grapes, a very grappa nose. A little oaky and a bit yeasty. With the sweetness of bruised apricot.

Appley flapjack on the palate. Citrus zest and alpine honey. Warming finish at cask strength, and whiffs of tattie scones lingering.”

Sam Laing
Head of Content

About The Distillery

Nestled in the foothills of the towering Grampian mountains, Fettercairn will pass unseen by anyone who is not actively seeking it. Those who make the effort will be rewarded, since the distillery boasts some of the most spectacular views in Scotland, and that same scenery contributes to the fine malt it produces here. Rainfall and snow melt in the mountains provide year-round access to fine water, which fuels the distillery’s relatively tiny production run. The distillery’s rural location also offers the luxury of maturation on the distillery grounds, with Fettercairn boasting no fewer than fourteen dunnage warehouses on site.

Buyer’s note: We cannot offer a photo of this cask due to the regulations on Dangerous Substances and Explosive Atmospheres Regulations that are imposed in the warehouse.


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