Aultmore 2013

Don’t miss the remarkable opportunity to own a premium Speyside cask that is just beginning to develop a fantastic flavor profile. This unpeated first fill bourbon barrel has matured 6 years after being distilled in 2013. It contains approximately 257 bottles at cask strength 62.00% ABV.

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Cask Details

Age6 years
Distillation DateSeptember 12, 2013
Cask TypeFirst Fill Bourbon Barrel
Original ABV63.60%
Original Litre of Alcohol (OLA)126.1 litres
Re-gauge ABV62.00%
New Bulk Litres180.16 litres (estimated)
Cask Number801218

Tasting Notes

Nose – Hard boiled sweets, lychee, fruits, hint of sweet tobacco

Palate – Pomegranate, warm spice, lychee

Nose with water – Gummy bears, mango, ripe pears, apples

Palate with water – Jelly beans, tinned fruit, fruit syrup

This one’s loaded with exotic fruit and sweetness, with warming spice and tobacco. Though it is a very drinkable dram at present, we’re sure a little patience will reap great rewards with this one. The nose reminds us of hard boiled sweets – luminous, slightly artificial, but unmistakable, fruity scents – lychee in particular, followed by a hint of sweet tobacco. The palate brings pomegranate to the fruit salad, with more lychee, followed up with warm spices.

With water, the boiled sweets on the nose soften into gummy bears, and the fruits are more rounded, familiar flavours – those of ripe pears, apples and a touch of mango. Take a sip, and the sugar and fruit becomes more defined, and more complex. Jelly beans transform into rich, syrupy tinned fruit. We’re sure that the palate is indicative of what’s to come. With time, the real fruit flavour is likely to become more complex, and the artificial fruit scents on the nose should develop into a veritable fruit salad of a dram.

About The Distillery

Founded in 1897, the initial brief for Aultmore was to produce malt whisky solely for the purposes of blending. The distillery was thus mostly unknown until the 1970s, but locals who walked or carted the foggy length of the road that lead down to the fishing village of Buckie knew something the rest of the world didn’t. The fishermen knew that all one had to do was to ask for ‘a dram o’ the Buckie road’ and they would receive a whisky that was pure delight, and which tasted all the sweeter for being a secret only known to those who made their living on and off the Speyside coast.

In the 1970s, Aultmore was fully refitted and expanded. This was when limited expressions of the single malt began to be released. Still something of a quirky secret, Aultmore’s malt is an absolute delight for those in the know. A fresh and floral nose belies a surprising weight of toffee on the tongue. A hint of that saltiness that hangs in the misty air around the old Buckie road is on the finish. This cask is young enough that the original character of the spirit is still strong, but a touch of oiliness smooths its youthful exuberance.


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Auction Details

  • Bidding will end on July 18th at 11:00pm GMT
  • The highest bidder at conclusion of the auction will immediately be charged a £500 deposit by credit card; the remaining balance will be due within 72 hours of auction close by bank wire transfer.
  • Upon verification that all funds due have been received, ownership of the cask will be transferred to the buyer and the buyer will be sent a title certificate. As per Scottish regulations, the cask must remain in a government bonded warehouse until bottling.
  • No samples will be provided during the auction. At the conclusion of the auction a complimentary sample will be sent to the winning bidder.
  • If two bidders place a bid in the same amount, the first bid placed will be the winner.
  • Storage will be included for a period of 2 years from the conclusion of the auction. All other costs related to storage, removal from storage, insurance, transportation, bottling and duties/taxes will be the sole responsibility of the buyer.
  • A reserve price has been set for the auction. If the reserve price is not reached then the seller, in their sole discretion, can choose whether to accept the high bid or may offer a counter offer. All bids placed by buyers are binding, even when the reserve price has not been met, until the seller declines the highest bid.
  • A 10% buyers premium will be added to the highest prevailing bid. No buyers premium will be due if the reserve price is not met and the seller choses not to accept the high bid.